Air India-Indian Airlines merger marriage of incompatible individuals

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A parliamentary committee on Friday for the merger of Air India and Indian Airlines, as a marriage of two incompatible and criticized the government for the ill-conceived and arbitrary decision.

The Committee on Public Enterprises (COPUOS) in its report to the Parliament and the government asked for separate national and international airline holding company.

He recommended the creation of liability for the institutions and people, she has a capricious decision made, and called for appropriate measures to prevent such injury injury to the State-owned.

Description of the merger as unjustified and wrong, the report states, the source of the ills that afflict the NACIL (National Aviation Company of India Limited), merger that was in its infancy and has never failed. Air India has accumulated losses of Rs 7000 crores.

In its scathing report, COPUOS by Congress leader V Kishore Chandra S Deo said addressed, there was no reasonable explanation for this sudden rush to the two companies merge.

The merger as a marriage between two persons is incompatible with large fluctuations, with almost no sense, he said.

NACIL is recommended to convert would work in a holding company under the Indian Airlines NACIL, in Delhi and India, NACIL-Air, based in Mumbai base.

Each institution needs to be managed by a Director General to report to the President of NACIL, said, stressing that the government should immediately to resolve this problem.

A knock at the Ministry of Civil Aviation, said COPUOS It imposed the merger of the two airlines, which has shown little initiative to ensure the monitoring of progress and failure in the absence of the continuity of leadership.


DILBAG said...

well said and well understood AT LEAST by some one ... mr V KISHORE CHANDRA S DEO . u and the comm members r seem to be very very sensible arriving at this conclusion ... let our NATIONAL CARRIER be in the SKY ONLY let it not eat the DUST .. GET THE DIVORCE AT THE EARLIEST AND LET BOTH AIR INDIA AND INDIAN AIRLINES BREATH AGAIN AND LET BOTH SURVIVE AND SERVE THE NATION ....!!!

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