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Begin your extravagant Asian vacation by taking a flight to this mysterious country. The second most populated country in the world, India has a population of about 1.12 billion. Over the years, people have perceived India as a poor country but very few know, India was one of the richest countries until the British came in the early 17th Century. This is known by the fact that Christopher Columbus was attracted by India and was looking for a route to India, but instead, accidentally discovered America. India has always been known for its countless festivals. Be it Diwali the festival of lights, Holi the festival of colors, Id, Dussehra, or Christmas, they are all celebrated with equal enthusiasm by people all the country. India is a country of multiple religions where equal respect is given to all. Each and every part of the country depicts different customs and traditions being followed by people for years. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Sikhism are the major religions of India. India is a developing economy. Its economic development with 8 percent growth rate of national income for the last few years is a good enough reason for it to be recognized globally.

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India is a fast growing nation of the world and It's tourism industry attracts people from every corner of the world.

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